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FIRST TIME PATIENTS: CHOOSE 1st VISIT, NOT REGULAR VISIT. The doctors need to spend more time with you on your first visit. If you arrive and it is determined that you are a new patient, your appointment may have to be rescheduled for a later date. New patients, PLEASE arrive with paperwork filled out, or arrive 10 minutes EARLY so we can make sure you have time enough time to see the doctor. Forms can be found under the NEW PATIENT CENTRE.

SGI or WCB: If this is a motor vehicle accident injury or work related injury, please make note of this. It is very important we know at the time of booking.

NEW PROBLEM? HAS IT BEEN 12+ MONTHS? Please select RE-EXAM/NEW PROBLEM, as the doctor may need more time for your visit. For Dr. Kraft, please select REGULAR visit.

EMAIL SETTINGS: You will receive an email confirming you made a request, you will receive a confirmation when the appointment is approved, and then a reminder, usually the day before, if time allows. If you are not receiving emails, check your junk email settings, or contact your provider. If you are still unsure of your appointment, feel free to call in and we can verbally confirm for you.

CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER: For Dr. Borowski, please select 1st Visit CHILD or REGULAR CHILD VISIT, depending if they have seen her before. If the child has not visited in the last 12 months, please select RE-EXAM/NEW PROBLEM. Once a child becomes a teenager at 13 years old, they are considered an adult and will be treated and charged as one, so please select "1st visit adult."

Thanks for helping make the online system work smoothly, we look forward to seeing you soon!


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Please note, this is a REQUEST and not a live booking. Clinic staff need to review your request and approve it. First, select a time range, the next page will allow you to pick a specific time.


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